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Generate Free Real Estate Leads on Facebook.

Do Want free real estate leads from Facebook? You can find them with a tool that's so obvious you'll wonder why you didn't start using this sooner.

Everyone knows that the search bar in Facebook can be used to find friends or groups. What many people don’t know know is that it can also be used to search for keywords in Facebook posts. This is important. It allows to get free real estate leads in just a few minutes each day.

Here’s how:

To find free real estate leads on Facebook, just search for: [Your Area] + [Likely To Move Keyword]

For example, you could search for [Your Area] +

  • House for Sale

  • Buying A House

  • House Buying

  • House Hunting

(Keywords like “Open House” and “Selling a House” tend to pull LOTS of posts from other agents and not posts from individuals who are interested in selling a home or attending an open house. Try these keywords for yourself, but I don’t recommend them.)

You should create content that matches what people are searching for. Like this:

What you’ll find with those keywords is posts from people in your market who are actively talking about moving or buying a home. "I need a Realtor in Fort Myers".

The results look like this:

Is this a good area to live in? Basically all that you need to do, is start searching your local market, with all of the typical questions that your buyers ask you.

As you can see, these people aren’t hiding under a rock.

Many of them are just getting into the home buying process.

Very likely, they’re not connected to any particular agent and they are looking for help, advice, and representation. Who do you know that could offer all that? I bet that it is you.

Now go make someone's real estate dream come true!

By the way...If you need a Title Company, just write our name on your contract.

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