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Property Owners Are You Worried About Title Theft?

Deed Fraud in Lee County

Title theft and property fraud are often highlighted in televison advertisements, urging homeowners to purchase services that supposedly protect them from such scenarios.

As a seasoned professional in the Title Insurance industry, I’m here to shed some light these threats and offer a free alternative for monitoring your property’s title.

What is Deed Fraud: Deed Fraud occurs when someone forges a deed – a document that can assign ownership of a home – falsely transferring a property into their name. They might then secure a mortgage, take out a home equity line of credit, or sell the property to an unsuspecting buyer.

While this sounds horrific, the reality is that a forged deed is not valid and conveys no actual ownership rights.

Only the rightful owner can transfer title to a third party. If a buyer or lender relies on a forged deed without proper due diligence, they will bear the financial loss, not the legitimate property owner. As the property owner, your interests are protected.

Is Deed Fraud Insurance a Good Investment? Deed theft “insurance” is marketed as a solution that monitors your title 24/7 and alerts you to any fraudulent title transfers. Typically, these insurance plans will alert you when your title is affected and provide “industry experts” to work with you in resolving any fraudulent transfers.

However, the plans typically do not cover any loss or expenses you incur. The most significant risk to homeowners, if deed fraud actually occurs, you will only covered you for legal expenses.

For Lee County, Florida residents, you can sign up for a free Property Fraud Alert service by visiting the following website address

Request a Courtesy Block:

Criminals are getting your deed information online. We suggest that you remove it.

Out of concern for individual privacy, current Property Appraiser policy allows taxpayers to request that their property information be removed/not displayed on our website. Requesting that your information be removed from our website does not stop or protect your information from being provided when it is requested. To request a courtesy block of your personal information, complete the Request for Courtesy Block form.

If you ever decide to sell, refinance or even appraise your property, you may have to go down to the property appraisers office, prove who you are and have the block removed until your transaction is complete.

To learn more visit us on the web at

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