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3 reasons it might be time to switch Title Companies

Most real estate agents and mortgage lenders have some sort of Title Company relationship. Title Companies are great at taking your business but they aren't very good at helping you grow your business.

When was the last time that your title company did anything for you, besides bringing you a doughnut or a pen?

Now may be the time to make a professional change in your business dealings. Here are 3 signs to look for when choosing a new partner.

1. Do YOU have a partnership?

In today's real estate market, Partnerships are often referred to as MSA's or Marketing Service Agreements, In some cases your broker may actually own a title company. While this may be great thing for your broker, what does it actually do for you and your Real Estate business?

A Title Company is a trusted partner to their Agent's and Loan Officers. They should be offering relevant marketing tools and sales training strategies to help you grow your business. These tools and training

should include the following:

  • Internet Marketing Tools and Techniques

  • Co-Branded Internet Marketing Campaigns

  • Social Media Marketing Strategies

  • Lead Generation Training

  • Website and SEO Training

  • Social Media Advertising

  • Open House Events

  • Testimonial Marketing

  • Content Marketing

If your title company isn't helping you grow your business, they aren't growing either. It makes sense to deal with people who understand this and actively promote it.

2. Are you treated like your business matters?

The reason that a Title Company is in business is because of the people who send them business. I think that a lot of Title Companies take this for granted and expect your business, rather than realizing that they should earn your business.

When you walk into your Title Company you should be greeted and treated like your business matters. Because it does!

Has your current Title Company ever sent you a survey to ask how you were treated by them? More importantly did they send one to your clients? After all, who you choose to deal with is a reflection of your business!

3. Where is the value proposition?

Everyday you get bombarded by affiliates who want you to send them business. They leave trinkets, pens, coffee mugs and more. Ask yourself the next time someone pops into your office and wants to spend 15 minutes of your valuable time soliciting business for themselves, if that is doing anything to help grow your business?

If you cant find the value in what your Title Partner is doing for you, then why are doing business with them?

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