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In a changing market, Farming is the key to success as Real Estate agent.

As a Title Agent, we make our living doing research. Did you know that we also have some pretty cool tools at our disposal that can help Agents find more buyers and gain more listings?

We invest into our clients, with the best marketing solutions possible. What would one or two addition opportunities do for your business?

Partner with Sun National Title Company. Not only will you have a great closing experience, but partner in your success.

Understanding Farming Lists

Farming Lists provided by Sun National Title are meticulously curated databases designed to help real estate agents pinpoint and engage with prospective clients effectively. These lists contain valuable insights into various segments crucial to an agent's business strategy:

1. List of Local Renters

- Identifying local renters is key for agents looking to convert tenants into homeowners. Sun National Title's Farming Lists provide detailed information on renters in specific geographic areas, enabling agents to target their marketing efforts more precisely.

- This data can include demographic information, income, rental history, and potentially, insights into their future home buying intentions.

2. List of Investment Properties

- Real estate investors are a vital segment for agents interested in property sales and investment opportunities. Sun National Title compiles comprehensive lists of local investment properties, offering details such as, property types, mortgage data and contact information.

- Agents can leverage this information to forge partnerships, offer attractive listings, or provide market insights that resonate with investor goals.

3. List of People Likely to Sell Their Property

- Anticipating who might list their property for sale is crucial for agents seeking new listings. Sun National Title employs sophisticated data analytics to identify homeowners exhibiting behaviors indicative of an imminent sale.

- This includes factors such as ownership duration, market trends, property value changes, and life events like job relocations or family changes.

4. List of People with Specific Interest Rates.

This is a great tool for Loan Officers who want to farm for people who maybe in the market to refinance or add a HELOC.

This is also great for Agents looking for people with assumable mortgages.

The Sun National Title Advantage

Sun National Title distinguishes itself by not only providing access to these essential farming lists but also ensuring the data's accuracy, relevance, and compliance with privacy regulations. Here’s how Sun National Title supports real estate agents in maximizing their outreach and efficiency:

- Customization: Agents can tailor their farming lists based on specific criteria such as ZIP codes, specific gated communities, property type, or investment preferences, ensuring campaigns are highly targeted.

- Data Integrity: Through robust data management practices, Sun National Title guarantees the integrity of information provided, minimizing inaccuracies and maximizing usability.

- Comprehensive Support: Beyond data provision, Sun National Title offers ongoing support and insights to help agents interpret and utilize farming list data effectively in their marketing and client engagement strategies.

Empowering Real Estate Agents

In today's competitive market, having access to actionable data can be the key to unlocking new opportunities and expanding client networks. Sun National Title's Farming Lists empower real estate agents by equipping them with the tools needed to:

- Enhance Prospecting Efforts: Targeting specific demographics like local renters or potential sellers allows agents to streamline their prospecting efforts and increase conversion rates.

- Build Strategic Partnerships: Identifying local investors fosters collaboration opportunities that can lead to mutual growth and expanded service offerings.

- Stay Ahead of Market Trends: Predictive analytics help agents stay ahead of market shifts and anticipate client needs, positioning them as trusted advisors in their communities.


Whether targeting local renters, engaging with real estate investors, or anticipating property listings, Sun National Title stands ready to empower it's agents with the tools they need to thrive in today's competitive real estate landscape.

Ready to make the switch to Sun National Title? Get in touch with a Relationship Manager at Sun National Title Company today to learn more. 239-334-3321 or

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